2018 Annual Meeting – Officer Elections

In anticipation of the January 17, 2018 annual meeting and election of officers, the Nominating Committee of the current board is creating a slate to fill four officer and two director positions.  All chapter members are encouraged to self-nominate or suggest other candidates.   Please contact any board member.

The Board consists of the four officers – President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary, six directors and the Past President.  Outgoing President Jennifer Montoya will serve as Past President for one year.

Besides Montoya, current officers include treasurer Diane Moore, vice-president Ken Stinnett and secretary Jay Wilbur.  Current directors include C.J. Goin and Mark Pendleton whose terms expires in 2019.  Gill Sorg and Wayne Treers, elected in January 2016, are serving terms through 2018.  Terms for Judi Schultz and Aaron  Lucas expire in 2017 and are open for nominations to a new three year term running through 2020.

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