December 2013 Field Trip – Annual Christmas Bird Count!!!

The time is upon us again.  Time to get out your binoculars, your thermos bottles, your whatever other gear you take along and take part in the Las Cruces Christmas Bird Count (CBC).  We invite you to participate and help make this a successful CITIZEN SCIENCE event!  Participation can take the form of joining a team and counting birds for all or even just part of the day; it can also be counting birds at your feeder or in a neighborhood within the CBC circle.

This year, Sean Barham, C.J. Goin, Wayne Treers and Mark Pendleton are teaming up to coordinate the Las Cruces CBC.  If you’re interested in participating, please contact Wayne at 575-528-8696 or, or Mark at 575-635-8711 or

What are some of the reasons you might want to contact us?  Here are a few:

1)  You’ve been a team leader in the past and want to be a team leader again this year.
2)  You’ve never been a team leader, but think you might like to be one this year.
3)  You’ve taken part in the CBC before and want to do so again.
4)  You’ve never taken part in a CBC, but want to this year.
5)  You want to participate in the CBC and even know whose team you want to be on.
6)  You don’t know whose team you want to be on, but you want to take part in the CBC.
7)  You’ve taken part in CBCs in other places and want to be part of the Las Cruces CBC this year.
8)  You’re curious about the CBC, but not sure if you want to take part.
9)  You know where some truly neat birds hang out and want to let us know so we can count them on CBC day.
10) You think we’re cool!!!

And don’t forget our other regional counts:  if particpating in one CBC is fun, participating in three must be truly amazing!!

Caballo CBC December 28, 2013
La Luz CBC January 2, 2014

To volunteer for either the Caballo or La Luz CBCs, contact John Douglas at 575-541-0133 or

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