March 2013 Field Trip

Saturday, March 23, 2013
Palomas Marsh

Join us for a trip to Palomas Marsh just upriver a bit from Caballo Dam and downriver from TorC.   A number of years ago, MVAS was instrumental in getting the BLM to fence a large area to keep cattle out. Without grazing, much of it grew back to a  Cottonwood bosque. Recently, the fence has fallen into disrepair, cattle get in sometimes and last year it burned at least once. Now there is renewed interest in MVAS with becoming active in more habitat restoration there and an opportunity to maybe enlarge the enclosure.  This trip is by way of getting an idea of what it looks like now before starting.

We’ll meet at 07:00 hours at the Southwest (the one closest to the Border patrol station) side of the parking lot at Lowe’s Home Improvement on N. Main here in Las Cruces. We’ll leave at 07:15. Want to carpool? You can either arrange it beforehand with your favorite drivers and/or passengers or you can wait until that morning and do it on the spot.The wise don’t need the word, so here are some reminders for the rest of us: Bring Plenty of Water. Dress for the Weather. A Wide Brimmed Hat will go a long ways to keeping the sun out of your eyes, as well as protecting you from the carcinogenic effects of UVA and UVB rays. Insect Repellent may be helpful as may be some munchies. It’s everyone for themselves when it comes to lunch, but there are some enjoyable opportunities to taste some local eateries on the way home.

We’ll leave the Marsh by late morning to noonish and get back (depending if you stop to eat) by early to possibly, mid, afternoon. Questions? Contact or 575.635.8711.

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