Richard Bischoff Memorial Scholarship

The Mesilla Valley Audubon Society (MVAS) is pleased to offer a one-year, $750.00/per semester scholarship to a graduate student at New Mexico State University.  The MVAS scholarship is available to graduate students in the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Ecology, Department of Biology or the Geography Department.  The recipient must attain a 3.5 GPA during the 1st semester (fall) of the scholarship in order to receive the $750.00 for the second semester (spring).  The recipient will be required to submit a record of their GPA for the first semester within one week of the beginning of the second semester.

The MVAS Richard Bischoff Memorial Scholarship was established in 2007 and gave its first $1000 grant in 2008.  Richard joined the board in 2004 and brought many new ideas to the chapter.  One of those ideas was the creation of a graduate student scholarship at New Mexico State University.  Because of his pivotal role in the scholarship and his many contributions to MVAS, the scholarship is called the Mesilla Valley Audubon’s Richard Bischoff Memorial Scholarship.

The scholarship supports graduate student research at New Mexico State University that is consistent with the MVAS mission and promotes natural resource conservation.  The current scholarship amount is $750.00 per semester.

Not all recipients study birds.  One recipient conducted a study on Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rats to develop a conservation model for the Chihuahuan Desert, while another investigated the life history of the endangered Rio Grande Jumping Mouse.  Scholarship recipients have also studied plants, including the history and effects of the encroachment of junipers into riparian habitats in southwestern New Mexico, and the conservation genetics of Rio Grande cottonwoods.  Other winners have explored the effect of habitat fragmentation on Burrowing Owl nest productivity and grassland restoration technique’s effects on Scaled Quail.

An important part of the scholarship required the recipient to present their results at a regular MVAS meeting.  This allows our members to share in some of the latest research in natural resource conservation.  This year’s winner will present their research at the MVAS April membership meeting.

In order to maintain this scholarship, contributions are always needed.  So please consider helping MVAS support students engaged in important conservation research at NMSU.

Send donations to:  Mesilla Valley Audubon Society, PO Box 1645, Las Cruces, NM  88004.  Note “scholarship” on your check memo.  Thank you.

For more information or to apply for the scholarship, please click here.