MVAS Monthly Beginner Bird Walks

Wednesdays March 16 and April 20, 2016 are the days you can join MVAS for a bird walk at Tellbrook Park.  Birding will be done from the paved path that winds through the park, with short, optional excursions into the surrounding desert.  Meet at 7:45am at the entrance to Tellbrook Park at 4290 E. Winchester Rd in the Las Alturas area of Las Cruces.  The walk lasts about an hour, but may go longer if there is enough interest.

These walks are appropriate for beginners and you do not need prior experience to fully enjoy them.  However, intermediate and advanced birders will also find them rewarding.  Dress appropriately for the weather, bring water and especially bring your curiosity and thirst for the outdoors.

For more information, contact Jay Wilbur at (512) 632-4196 or email

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