North American Migration Count: May 11, 2013

The North American Migration Count (NAMC), a springtime complement to the annual Christmas Bird Count, gives birdwatchers the opportunity to enjoy a day’s birding during spring migration and contribute their findings to a growing national database.  No fee is involved, all levels of birders are welcome, and maximum fun is encouraged!

Marcy Scott, Dona Ana County compiler for the NAMC, is looking for both feeder/yard watchers for this year’s count, as well as those that are confident enough to cover a neighborhood or other area on their own (whether alone or with a friend).  You don’t need to commit to a full day - stints of just a couple of hours are fine.  Also needed are those willing to go out in the evening to check for owls, night-herons and rails.  Last year’s crew of 16 participants totaled an impressive tally of 129 species for the day’s effort.

If interested in helping with this year’s count on Saturday, May 11th, please contact Marcy Scott, DA County compiler, at or 575-541-8083.

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