The Mysterious Monarch in New Mexico

The Monarch Butterfly is probably the best known of North American’s butterflies, but its’ presence in New Mexico is not well documented compared to other states.  Our March speaker, Steve Carey, a natural resource specialist for the state of New Mexico, asked that we report any Monarch sightings to the website Journey North at  Data entered at the site contributes to our knowledge of the when and where of this remarkable animal.  The main migratory route for the Monarch butterfly is through Texas, but individuals are regularly recorded in New Mexico.  A more robust record of the species would help answer questions such as “Do some Monarch’s migrate from east to west?” and “How do Monarchs shift in the changing climate?”.  Most people like a good mystery so the next time you see a Monarch, take note and submit your sighting.  The more we know about the distribution of Monarch butterflies in North America, the more we can take measures to protect them.

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